Likarda Becomes Profitable Through Services Arm

Kansas City-based start-up Likarda is set to post revenues of around $1 million in 2014 for its services division, funding development of its pet diabetes treatment.

While Likarda is developing 3D islet cell clusters to treat canine and feline diabetes, it also runs a contract research organization called LikardaBio.

This unit provides analytical services and consultative research supporting pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and therapeutic development companies in bringing compounds and technologies to market. LikardaBio carries out direct testing for human health and animal health clients.

Karthik Ramachandran, the firm’s vice-president and co-founder told Animal Pharm the firm’s canine diabetes treatment is currently making its way through safety studies. Likarda is currently weighing up the advantages of a commercial partnership for its treatment.

“We have a team of five people but we are working to expand,” Dr Ramachandran said. “We are also looking at manufacturing facilities and commercial partners at the moment.”