Who We Are

Transforming Ideas Into Commerce

The Bioscience & Technology Business Center (BTBC) is a unique partnership among the City of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas Department of Commerce, University of Kansas, and the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, to support the bioscience and technology industries in northeastern Kansas. By establishing a modern infrastructure of talent, facilities, and business support services, we provide our tenant companies with the tools to form and grow successful companies. As a result, our tenant companies can build technology businesses that bring wealth and jobs to the local community. With a focus on the future of Kansas, the BTBC continually expands the pool of local resources available to new and existing companies, and continued growth will soon lead to the construction of an Innovation Research Park that will unite private industry, academia, local researchers, and entrepreneurs—all right here in Lawrence.

What We Do

In addition to providing modern facilities and vital business guidance to our tenant companies, the BTBC helps entrepreneurs and technology businesses develop relationships with other entrepreneurs, professional service providers, the University of Kansas (KU), and Kansas University Medical Center (KUMC). We also help provide access to a talented pool of university students and graduates from which companies can recruit highly skilled employees. By providing these value-added amenities, the BTBC helps equip companies to thrive locally, grow deep roots, and succeed.


KU and KUMC boast world class researchers, state-of- the-art facilities, and a highly skilled student body. Access to these resources help our tenant companies accelerate their growth and optimize their chances of success. As a central stakeholder in the BTBC, KU can provide profound benefit to our tenant companies and we can provide that vital connection. In addition, the BTBC leverages a large network of specialized business service providers, ensuring our tenant companies have access to the most highly qualified professionals for their specific needs.


The BTBC has extensive startup and high-tech business experience. Members of the BTBC team act as entrepreneurs in residence, benefitting tenant companies with insightful support when testing ideas, working through problems, and formulating strategies. We draw on industry experience to help entrepreneurs and technologists create, develop, and grow scalable and successful high-tech companies.


With Phase II completed in 2014, the BTBC now consists of roughly 85,000 square feet of modern office and laboratory space that spans from Lawrence, KS, to Kansas City, KS. We have developed this space to be highly customizable in order to address the specific and dynamic needs of our tenant companies. Engrained in our space is an open, entrepreneurial, and collaborative culture that contributes to our tenant companies’ success.

BTBC Facilities

Spanning from West Lawrence to Kansas City across three facilities, the BTBC system consists of over 85,000 square feet of modern office and laboratory space. All of our space is highly flexible and customizable, so we can cater to our tenant companies and tailor to their specific needs. Space in the BTBC also comes completely furnished, so our tenant companies can hit the ground running without a large, upfront, capital outlay.

BTBC Main Facility

Main Facility

Lawrence, KS

BTBC KUMC Facility

KUMC Facility

Kansas City, KS

BTBC Expansion Facility

Expansion Facility

Lawrence, KS

Where We're Headed

The Future of the BTBC

Having reached full occupancy, BTBC has begun planning for Phase III — a 70,000 square foot facility adjacent BTBC’s Main Facility on KU’s West Campus. The building will house resident companies which have outgrown their current space, as well as new private industry companies and collaborations between private industry and KU.  As one of the largest economic development engines in the Midwest, the BTBC continues to strive for growth and results, ultimately leading to the development of an innovation research park that will bring private industry, academia, local researchers, and entrepreneurs together on KU’s West Campus.

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