How can the BTBC help my company?

The BTBC provides a local infrastructure of talent, resources, and business support to help each company grow. The BTBC team provides independent perspectives and insights to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.

We also have an established network of partners who want your business to flourish. We strive to understand our tenant companies so we can identify which individuals in our network can best provide value. This often leads to collaborative opportunities with KU researchers, professional service providers, domain experts, private industry contacts, and other companies in our system.

The University of Kansas’ assets and resources are also readily accessible, no further than across the street. Your company can leverage the university talent pipeline and find outstanding interns and highly skilled employees among KU’s large and diverse student body.

Through a partnership with KanREN (the Kansas Research and Education Network), we also offer our tenants ultra-high speed, low-latency gigabit internet connection.