Company: Avium, LLC
Location: Lawrence, KS
Employment Type: Full Time
Posted: 1 month ago

Position Overview

Avium, LLC seeks an engineer with interests in renewable energy and water electrolysis. The successful candidate will assist with scaling up our catalyst production capabilities, testing electrode architectures in a bench-scale electrolyzer, and developing an industrial-size electrolyzer stack/system. Specifically, the position involves hydrogen and oxygen evolution catalyst synthesis, electrode fabrication, stack assembly, efficiency and stability testing, and product gas collection and testing.

The tentative start date is August 15, 2020.

Job Description

  • ~25% Catalyst synthesis
  • ~25% Bench-scale electrolyzer testing
  • ~25% Industrial-scale electrolyzer development and testing
  • ~25% General laboratory tasks, such as maintaining and organizing inventory and ordering supplies

Required Qualifications

  1. B.S. in Mechanical, Chemical, or Electrical Engineering.
  2. Experience in an industrial and/or laboratory environment.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience with hands-on assembly/disassembly of mechanical equipment.
  2. Experience working in a research and development laboratory.
  3. Experience in product design and development.
  4. Experience with operating and maintaining electrochemical systems.

Additional Candidate Instructions

Questions should be directed to

Application reviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.

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