KU Alumni Association Introduces Bridges – A New Program for Short-Term Project Work

KU Alumni Association introduced a new program hosted on the KU Mentoring site called Bridges. The KU Alumni Association is actively working with alumni and career partners to source short-term experiential projects that students can apply for to help launch their careers while solving a business need.

The Bridges program benefits businesses because they can get short-term work done by a KU student who is eager to get experience and can help solve business needs. This can then assist talent acquisition efforts down the road. For students, it is designed to help recent graduates and current students get unconventional opportunities that can help them get a foot in the door at companies and build marketable skills that can pave the way to future opportunities.

Bridges is hosted on the KU Mentoring site. Once registered on the site, companies can easily add a project and students can find ones that are best suited for their interests.