Midwest Energy Solutions Moves Into BTBC At KUMC

KANSAS CITY, KS – The Bioscience & Technology Business Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center (BTBC at KUMC) has secured its fifth tenant.

Midwest Energy Solutions, an alternative energy company that designs and installs renewable energy solutions for homes, businesses and vehicles, has moved into the BTBC at KUMC. The startup company has leased 128 square feet of space in the incubator, located at 2002 W. 39th Ave. on the KUMC campus.

Midwest Energy Solutions – also known as Midwest Energy or MWES –specializes in conversion technologies that enable homes, offices and vehicles to use alternative energy such as hydrogen, propane and compressed natural gas. The company is especially focused on converting vehicles to compressed natural gas and carries a range of products that enable drivers to refuel their vehicles with natural gas in their garages or driveways. The company also builds and installs equipment for commercial fueling stations.

Midwest Energy Solutions consists of one employee – founder and president Michael Batten. Batten said he plans to add additional employees in the coming months as the company grows.

“I’m excited to move into the BTBC at KUMC, and I expect to continue growing here,” Batten said. “The BTBC’s location, business development services and opportunities for research collaboration are ideal for an energy and technology-based company like Midwest Energy Solutions. I have everything I need to expand here.

“The nation’s energy demands continue to increase at an incredible pace,” Batten said. “It’s exciting for me to be able to satisfy those energy needs, and to do so using alternative, non-oil sources of energy. Not only is Midwest Energy Solutions helping individual consumers, but on a larger scale, it’s addressing this country’s addiction to foreign oil, protecting the environment and creating new jobs. I’m proud of that.”

Midwest Energy Solutions is the fifth company to locate in the BTBC at KUMC, joining Aptakon, EON Labs, Orbis Biosciences and OsteoGeneX. The BTBC at KUMC, which opened in September 2011, is now 43 percent full and houses 14 employees.

Midwest Energy is the 15th company to locate in the statewide BTBC incubator system, which comprises the BTBC at KUMC and three additional buildings in Lawrence – the BTBC Main Facility, BTBC Expansion Facility and BTBC St. Andrews Facility.

“We’re excited to welcome Midwest Energy Solutions,” said Frank Kruse, Executive Director of the BTBC at KUMC. “The company is well run, provides superior quality and value, and occupies a market that forecasts explosive expansion. Natural gas is a highly competitive energy source. Companies like Midwest Energy that are creating the supply infrastructure offer the scale of growth and sustainability that the BTBC was designed to foster.”

BTBC at KU Background
The BTBC at KU incubator system provides state-of-the-art wet lab and office space, access to KU and KUMC resources and research expertise, and business support services such as capital-raising and consulting services from incubator staff. The BTBC system was launched in August 2010 and comprises four facilities, totaling nearly 70,000 square feet of space. The BTBC is a partnership of the Lawrence-Douglas County Bioscience Authority, University of Kansas, City of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas Bioscience Authority and Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.