10 business techs for entrepreneurs at CES 2019

By Gene MarksPublished January 07, 2019OpinionFOXBusiness The name of the giant technology show in Las Vegas this week is CES (the CONSUMER Electronics Show), so by definition the technologies being demonstrated by the thousands of vendors and tested by the 180,000 people expected to attend will be consumer focused. But that doesn’t mean that some of these technologies won’t impact my business – and yours – in the near future. Here are ten such technologies that I’m going to check out, because any one of them may help me run my business better and more profitably in the coming years.MORE FROM FOXBUSINESS.COM…C Verizon’s 5G Network 2019 will…
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Lawrence-based Ainstein predicts radar tech will push self-driving automotive advances

By: Elyssa Bezner, Reporter   November 15, 2018 From Kansas, Ainstein’s radar technology can have a profound impact on industries across the globe, said Zongbo Wang. “We wanted to design radar that can be very affordable and play different roles in the industry,” said Wang, CEO of the radar tech firm. “Over the past three years, we’ve experienced a time of tremendous growth.” That upward trajectory is, in part, because of the increase in interest surrounding autonomous vehicles, including cars and drones, he said. Click here to read how Ainstein’s tech literally took flight earlier in 2018 with the founder of Jetpack Aviation at…
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Lawrence-based Ainstein taking flight with jetpack founder in Red Bull Air Race

By: Elyssa Bezner, Intern   June 12, 2018 When the founder of JetPack Aviation blasts to the sky later this month in Red Bull’s Air Race World Championship, it will be a testament to the innovation and quality at Ainstein, a Kansas radar tech firm, said Bryan C. Boots. “Although our products are widely deployed today in unmanned aviation (drone) applications, this will be the first time that we know of that one of our products will be used in a manned flight,” said Boots, business development manager for the Lawrence-based company. “It represents a big leap for us as a company in that…
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KC-based PatientsVoices pulls $150K in first round of seed capital, additional $75K from MTC

Competing for a spot in a Nashville-based health tech accelerator, PatientsVoices landed its first round of seed capital — with a booster shot from the State of Missouri. A $150,000 innovation grant from Jumpstart Foundry investment group represents a leap forward for PatientsVoices, headquartered in iWerx’s North Kansas City entrepreneurial development center, said founder and CEO Mary Kay O’Connor. “This investment allows us to take our software to the next level so we can serve more healthcare professionals and make a larger impact on the changing face of healthcare in America,” she said, noting the award was part of competition that…
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KU team wins NSA funding to improve security for Internet of Things with ‘big-thinking’ research

LAWRENCE — Every day, more and more people interact with the Internet of Things (IoT) in daily life. The IoT includes the devices and appliances in our homes — such as smart TVs, virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or learning thermostats like Nest — that connect to the internet. The IoT also includes wearables such as the Apple Watch or Bluetooth chips that keep track of car keys. Our cars themselves, if equipped with sensors and computers, are also part of the IoT. “Traditionally, when you think about the internet, it’s someone on a computer communicating with something out in…
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