BTBC Company Rubrik Ranked Among 50 Hottest U.S. Companies to Work For

LinkedIn Top Startups 2019: The 50 hottest U.S. companies to work for now Jessi Hempel, Senior Editor at Large at LinkedIn Published on September 4, 2019 The 2019 LinkedIn Top Startups list reveals the 50 hottest companies where Americans want to work now. Successful founders channel tenacity and ambition into the pursuit of a vision that can have outsize impact. Most ventures don’t work, but when fate, timing and business acumen line up, the results can alter industries and transform entrepreneurs into business titans. These are the companies we track in the 3rd annual Top Startups ranking: the ones that are…
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Clara Biotech boasts first-of-its-kind cancer detection from lab in Lawrence

By: Elyssa Bezner, Reporter–   August 13, 2019 A Kansas startup says its cancer detection process — requiring only a single blood sample — could dramatically simplify a often-harrowing health care experience, as well as lead to personalized treatments for illnesses ranging from cancer to neurological diseases like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis.  Founders: Dr. Mei He, James West Founding year: 2015 Amount raised to date:$315,000 Programs completed: NIH I-Corps 2018 1% SBIR Awards; Hello Tomorrow 2018 Top 500 Finalist; Atlanta Startup Battle 2019 Top 10 Finalist; NIH MedTech Innovators Top 150 Finalist; Partnering for Growth Finalist 2019 Top 10 Finalist Clara Biotech — based in Lawrence at…
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Two KU Law graduates are first to complete LEAD program

 Updated on May 28, 2019 When Nate Crosser and Samantha Wagner signed up for the LEAD programas 18-year-olds, they were on a fast track to law school. Now, six years later, they are law school graduates and the first two students to complete the program. “I’ve enjoyed being part of the LEAD program,” Wagner said. “It’s been a really positive experience, but it’s also been kind of a whirlwind experience.” LEAD (Legal Education Accelerated Degree) is a program that gives students a unique opportunity to earn both a B.A. and a J.D. degree in six years, instead of seven. The LEAD…
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The Future Is Circular

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon Contributor Over the last few months, I have been talking and writing about the paradigm shift in the investing world brought about by climate change. “Paradigm shift” is not only a buzzword; rather, it represents a fundamental change to the principles on which a system is organized. A paradigm shift leaves those stuck in their old mental framework at a loss; what had been common sense can no longer be trusted, and the commonsense notions of the new paradigm seem fanciful. The currently failing paradigm was established by the Industrial Revolution; it is one marked by the concentration…
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Releasing the Handbrake on Exosome Applications

April 2, 2019 Michele Wilson PhD Science Writer Exosome are tiny vesicles that are derived from multivesicular endosomes. They are released from cells and have been shown to persist in the circulation for hours. As exosomes contain a variety of components (including proteins, lipids, mRNA and DNA) and are taken up by target cells, they are thought to represent a novel form of cellular communication. Given their resilience in extracellular fluid and unique source of origin, it is hoped that knowledge of exosomes could be leveraged for a whole host of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Learn more about exosomes here….
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