Business Support

Our team draws on extensive startup and technology business experience to provide tenant companies with knowledgeable guidance and counsel. Acting as entrepreneurs in residence, members of the BTBC provide independent perspectives and insights to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. Additionally, the BTBC also manages a Business Analyst Intern Program, employing KU’s most promising business, law and engineering students to assist tenant companies with various projects through hands-on engagement.  From corporate formation to business planning to helping raise capital, the BTBC can provide value-added business support to help facilitate your success.

Examples Include:

General business planning and consulting
Commercial feasibility assessment
Go-to-market strategy development
Supply chain management assistance
Investment capital strategy development and acquisition
Financial modeling and assistance
Accounting guidance
Assistance managing operations
Grant management
Market research and analysis

Access to Our Network

The BTBC benefits from a large professional network with multiple public and private organizations with whom you can connect.

First, through a partnership between the BTBC and KanREN (the Kansas Research and Education Network), we offer our tenants ultra-high speed, low-latency internet connection. You can read more about that below.

We also have an established network of partners who want your business to succeed. We strive to understand our tenant companies so we can identify which individuals in our network can best provide value. After pinpointing critical needs, we form strategic connections between our tenant companies and key stakeholders to help accelerate growth. This often leads to collaborative opportunities with KU researchers, professional service providers who can handle key operations and specialized needs, private industry contacts who can help open doors in your sector, and other companies in our system with whom you can develop strategic relationships that support company success.

Access to KU

The University of Kansas’ assets and resources are readily accessible, no further than across the street. The BTBC will open the doors for your company to connect with researchers, students, labs, equipment, and more. In its latest Master Plan, KU identified a research partnership zone and within it a Research and Business Park, meant to engage industry to support research and development, partnerships, startups, and private enterprise. Your company can also leverage the university talent pipeline and find outstanding interns and highly skilled employees among KU’s large and diverse student body.

Wired for Success

Through a partnership between the BTBC and KanREN (the Kansas Research and Education Network), we offer our tenants an ultra-high speed, low-latency internet connection. Connectivity to the BTBC facility is a 10Gb fiber link into KanREN’s backbone with a 1Gb dropout to the tenant’s router or network equipment. This KanREN connectivity provides internet connectivity as well as direct Internet 2 connectivity to thousands of research universities and laboratories around the world. KanREN is the only Internet 2 provider in the state of Kansas. Connectivity is redundant and supports multicast, Quality of Service, IPV6, MPLS, jumbo frames and other advanced protocols and services.

By allowing everyone full access to the BTBC connection with KanREN, tenants will achieve a better end-user experience that is faster, more robust, and capable of absorbing high-volume transient use without extra expense.

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