Sunlite graduates from the Bioscience & Technology Business Center

Sunlite Science & Technology graduates from the Bioscience &
Technology Business Center and purchases 4811 Quail Crest Place

LAWRENCE, KS, USA – Sunlite Science & Technology has officially moved out
of the Bioscience & Technology Business Center, where its offices were housed
for 3 years, and out of 345 N Iowa Street, where it rented warehouse space for
16 years from PUR-O-ZONE, to a newly purchased warehouse and office space
at 4811 Quail Crest Place.

By relocating both sets of current employees to an unoccupied + foreclosed on
warehouse, Sunlite fills an existing vacancy on Quail Crest Place, increasing
business occupancy along this road. Sunlite’s expansion timing also leaves no
density vacancies behind, with Pure-O-Zone set to expand into the rest of their
warehouse and several companies ready to expand within the BTBC but not
graduate out of it.

“Bringing office employees and warehouse employees together under one roof
has simplified company communication logistics dramatically,” said Patty Haller,
Sunlite Science & Technology Customer Service Representative.

Sunlite Science & Technology looks forward to inviting all of Lawrence to an
Open House and Ribbon Cutting once renovations are completed.

Contact: Kirsten Oschwald, Sunlite Science & Technology, 785.856.0219