KanPro Research

KU spinout creates challenging proteins for university, corporate clients

LAWRENCE — A University of Kansas scientist has launched a startup company designed to tackle the most complicated protein production for academic and industrial clients. KU biochemist Philip Gao has founded KanPro Research Inc., a contract research company that produces challenging proteins for university and corporate researchers in the life sciences, biotechnology and medicine. In addition to protein production, KanPro provides consulting services for clients with protein needs. “Proteins are widely used by academic researchers and bioscience companies,” said Gao, director of KU’s Protein Production Group and president of the company. “But for clients with highly specialized and complicated protein… Read the full article


Developing innovative new ways to treat diseases in people and animals

HylaPharm is a university spinout company developing cancer chemotherapies targeted for potentially deadly, locally advanced cancers that affect nearly 200,000 Americans each year. Unlike conventional chemotherapy that enters vein and diffuses all over the body before getting to the tumor, our patented drug HylaPlat™ is injected into tumor or surrounding at-risk tissues. This results in very high tumor dosing. HylaPlat™ then drains into local lymph nodes, which is where tumors generally metastasize first. Our technology makes treatment of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer and head and neck cancer, both safer and more effective in animal trials. HylaPlat™ has already… Read the full article