As a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities, the University of Kansas draws talent from across the globe, including founder and CEO of Ainstein, Zongbo Wang. Zongbo moved to Lawrence from China in 2013 to work as a research professor. That research in the radar field spurred the start of a business focusing on commercial applications of radar technology in 2015.  Ainstein’s mission is to enable safer driving, flying, working and living through radar-based technology. The company focuses on improving radar systems to be smarter, more affordable and easier to deploy.

In 2016, the team won a $12,000 award at the Unmanned Traffic Management Preliminary Drone Sense & Avoid technology competition, providing the runway for global distribution. The firm, based in the Bioscience & Technology Business Center, serves over 300 clients worldwide, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, with a team of over 80 employees globally. And the location next to KU is a pipeline to talent. Most of the U.S employees are KU alumni and the company utilizes students as interns every summer.

“The BTBC provides the best location for a young company to start and grow,” Zongbo said. “BTBC offers a turnkey solution including space, all utilities, and fast speed internet access. They not only provide all the must-haves to run a business, they also offer the support to help young companies grow.”

Ainstein is ready for the idea of autonomy in day-to-day life to soar. The tech company works in multiple areas, including autonomous driving, autonomous flying, industry and specialty vehicles, security and safety, and agricultural and industrial inspection. They work with clients to build smarter and safer drones, aircraft, vehicles and industrial products. Zongbo says the company’s biggest accomplishment to date is its year-to-year multitude revenue growth and the size of operations over the past three years.

“Our business continues to grow quickly based on the contracts we already have and the clients we already have,” Zongbo said. “We also expect that we’re going to be a more recognizable brand name in the automotive industry.”

Through projects at different research institutes and universities, the core team at Ainstein has over 100 combined years of experience in radar research and development. Zongbo says the BTBC team has been a great resource for the company.

“Multiple times, BTBC connected us with local businesses, helped us build trust with them and their business,” Zongbo said. “They have also supported us by trialing our latest technology and allowed us to feature them in our marketing campaign.”

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