How We Help

The BTBC supports promising tech companies in three primary ways:

Provide Highly Specialized Space
We provide modern physical space in which to conduct business. This includes customizing laboratory and office space to tenant companies’ specifications, accommodating highly individualized needs including security, equipment, privacy, and functionality.

Offer Value-Added Business Services
Our team draws on extensive startup and technology business experience to provide tenant companies with knowledgeable guidance and counsel. Acting as entrepreneurs in residence, members of the BTBC provide independent perspectives and insights to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. Additionally, BTBC also manages a Business Analyst Intern Program, employing KU’s most promising MBA students to assist tenant companies with various projects through hands on engagement.

Enable Crucial Relationships
The BTBC facilitates key relationships and exchanges between our tenant companies and thought leaders from KU and the local community. We strive to understand our tenant companies’ businesses, so we can identify which individuals in our network can best provide value. After pinpointing critical needs, we form strategic connections between our tenant companies and highly respected KU researchers for collaborative opportunities, local government officials who can identify economic incentives, and professional service providers who can handle key operations—freeing our clients to focus on growth.

  • Breaking Through

    Located on the West Campus of KU, the 51,400-square-foot BTBC Main Facility offers excellent lab space and close proximity to other prominent technology and bioscience research buildings.

  • Building the Future

    The BTBC Main Facility is situated on KU’s West Campus among university buildings dedicated to the life sciences.  It’s unique location, with surrounding land yet to be developed, makes an ideal setting for a university technology park.

  • The Center of Advancement

    With more than 20,000 square feet of lab and office space found on the campus of the Kansas University Medical Center, the BTBC-KUMC Facility offers companies a premier location in which to grow.

  • Expanding Technologies

    The BTBC West Facility sits a few blocks from the KU campus and offers technology companies 17,500 square feet of GMP-capable space.

  • Who We Help

    The BTBC focuses on helping companies with high potential in the areas of technology and biosciences. Under the right conditions and with the right help, companies in these industries typically grow and scale quickly, establishing high-quality, high-paying jobs that maximize the impact on the local economy and create wealth for the community.

    Medical & Life Sciences

    KU boasts a brilliant faculty and ranks first in grant money received from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). KU’s School of Pharmacy also ranks second nationally among universities receiving money from the NIH for novel research. Leveraging long-established relationships, the BTBC connects tenant companies and KU faculty in strategic partnerships to further develop key technologies.

    Software & Hardware

    The BTBC currently provides support for eight tenant companies that are commercializing innovative new technologies within the software and hardware space for healthcare, navigation, business, and science. By working with companies that meet the rising demand for innovative software and hardware products, the BTBC helps shape the future of the tech industry.

    Energy & Chemicals

    KU’s Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis (CEBC) provides opportunities for private sector collaborations in the area of traditional energy and alternative fuel development. Recently, the CEBC was awarded a 4-year, $4 million federal grant for research in safer chemical manufacturing processes. The BTBC strives to help our tenant companies join these research efforts.

    Other Innovations

    Although the majority of the BTBC tenant companies are commercializing technologies in energy, drug development, healthcare, software and hardware, and consumer goods, each physical space at the BTBC is customizable for highly specialized needs. This flexibility has led to a tenant company roster that includes several companies making rapid progress in bringing other novel technologies to market.


    The Virtual Business Suite provides a way for entrepreneurs that don’t yet have a need for private, dedicated space, to be a part of the BTBC system at a reduced cost. For a nominal monthly fee, virtual tenants have access to shared workspace and all other tenant amenities including access to large and small conference rooms, team meeting rooms, and shared equipment rooms. The Virtual Business Suite is also an excellent way for SBIR grant applicants to establish a business address and business support resources should their grants be awarded.


    Through a partnership between the BTBC and KanREN (the Kansas Research and Education Network), we are able to offer to our tenants an ultra-high speed, low-latency internet connection. Connectivity to the BTBC facility is a 10Gb fiber link into KanREN’s backbone with a 1Gb dropout to the tenant’s router or network equipment. This KanREN connectivity provides internet connectivity as well as direct Internet 2 connectivity to thousands of research universities and laboratories around the world. KanREN is the only Internet 2 provider in the state of Kansas. Connectivity is redundant and supports multicast, Quality of Service, IPV6, MPLS, jumbo frames and other advanced protocols and services.

    By allowing everyone full access to the BTBC connection with KanREN, tenants will achieve a better end-user experience that is faster and more robust, and capable of absorbing high-volume transient use without extra expense.


    Study the details that led our tenants to success. Or contact us now and we’ll get focused on your success.