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We’re the BTBC. We do business with people doing business.

The BTBC opened its doors on KU’s (University of Kansas) West Campus in summer of 2010. Since then, we have reached an occupancy of 75% and added two buildings to our portfolio of properties, extending our reach to the Kansas City metropolitan area. Comprised of roughly 85,000 square feet of functional space, the BTBC now houses more than 34 companies and employs over 180 employees with an aggregated annual payroll over $10,000,000.

Creating Wealth for the Local Community

Novel research conducted in university settings is often licensed to companies, which commercialize it in other parts of the country and world, allowing those communities to prosper. By creating a local infrastructure of talent, resources, and business support, the BTBC ensures researchers and entrepreneurs can commercialize innovations right here in Lawrence, KS, creating wealth in the community through jobs and taxable income.

Additionally, we also actively recruit existing high-tech companies to the BTBC from other parts of the country and world. Once housed in the BTBC, these companies can access the area’s many ingredients for success, contribute to the growth of the region, and add to our thriving technological ecosystem.

Where We’re Headed

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The Future of the BTBC

Since opening in August of 2010, the BTBC has already grown to be the largest economic development engine in Kansas and one of the largest in the Midwest. Today, we continue to build on our early successes. The BTBC recently added 30,000 square feet to our Main Facility.

With Phase II, the BTBC offers virtual business suites for entrepreneurs who need a place to conduct business but aren’t ready for dedicated physical space. Tenant companies can opt for a package that includes a desk, Internet, 24-hour secure access, audio & visual equipment, and access to conference rooms. Phase II also sees the launch of our partnership with the KU School of Business, establishing the “Catalyst Program.” An incubator within an incubator, the Catalyst lets KU students nurture business ventures in a professional environment with experienced entrepreneurs. Both the Catalyst and the virtual business suites can give tenants direct access to guidance from the BTBC and other tenant companies. KU Innovation & Collaberation (KUIC), KU’s technology licensing arm, have also consolidated their offices and staff into Phase II of the BTBC, allowing us to be even more closely aligned with the university’s innovation research efforts, while also providing our tenant companies with expanded opportunities to leverage KU assets.

Through unwavering, unmatched support of our tenant companies, the BTBC continues to transform the regional tech industry, bringing a steady flow of jobs and commerce to the area, and reaching our overarching goal: continually grow our footprint in order to develop a full-scale innovation research park here in Lawrence, Kansas. With the brightest minds in private industry, academia, research, and business interacting in one park, the BTBC can help the region shape the future of the national tech scene.

Affiliations & Relationships

The BTBC has established an infrastructure of talent and resources by cultivating relationships with KU researchers, staff, faculty, and student body. Coupled with our network of local entrepreneurs, business leaders, and specialized service providers, these key relationships offer tenant companies all the tools necessary for tech companies of all sizes to succeed and grow.

Why BTBC? It’s good to know people in the know.

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Our Team

Our Clients

  • 2ndopinion.com
  • Aerotenna
  • Archer Daniels Midland
  • Argenta
  • Assurant
  • BioFluidica
  • BrightEHR
  • Children’s Mercy
  • Cingulate Therapeutics
  • CritiTech
  • Engenious Design
  • Foster Care Technologies
  • Garmin
  • HD Sciences
  • HylaPharm
  • Identigen
  • ImpeDX
  • IMT Labs
  • Integrated Animal Health
  • KanPro
  • KanRen
  • KC Specialty Therapeutics
  • KDOT
  • Ligand
  • Likarda
  • Mighty Green Solutions
  • Nectagen
  • NIXS Corporation
  • NOW Systems
  • Patients’ Voices
  • Propylon
  • Proteon Therapeutics
  • Sora Medical Solutions
  • Stason Pharmaceuticals
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